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Wind In The Willows

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It's a while (errr… christmas!) since I completed this piece of work using words from the 'Wind in the Willows' song from the tv series based on the book by Kenneth Grahame 

Here are the words if you'd like to listen along while you read!

It tickled my sense of synchronicity at the time to find this artists book made by Ann Corr
in her shop, Modestly, on etsy> here. The book is sold, but you can still flick through the pictures…

She told me, 
"I did mean to do a longer blog post about it, since Kenneth Grahame was an interesting figure, and his now well loved tale was an evocation of an England that was more imagined than felt. He was a figure that longed for the romanticism of the wild, but was stuck to the comforts of suburban life." 

Ann blogs at "Moving in Time" and if you enjoy poetry, literature, bookbinding etc, 
it's a lovely, gentle place to wander.

The words are gentle too; the colours needed to be teal & purple, but otherwise I could do as I liked, so I just blended them in a dreamy watercolour wash. I often cover the mount of framed work so that it gives a softer contrast, but this one was longer than a full sheet of paper. It would have worked without, but I thought the addition of lettering strips around the edges just softened it a little, as well as repeating some of my favourite phrases from the song.

[Actually, it was to cover a mark where I mis-cut the mount...
then I added more to make it look like I meant it, but don't tell anyone will you!]


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