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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Just came across a great blog honor yourself written by Terri of Bonesigh arts… actually I think I found her shop first, but no matter. Love her artwork, love her words, love her whole outlook…

it was when she first dared
to see her truth
that the winds howled.
after a time,
it strengthened her
and she spoke her truth
and the earth shook.
and when finally
 she believed her truth
the stars rejoiced,
the universe opened,
and even her bones
sang her song:
I matter!

~ Terri St. Cloud

Considering how much I love colour on black, I do precious little of it. I have a whole workshop worked out for playing with colour & lettering on black paper, but still i rarely play myself. 

A few from my sketch book… all brush letters… just playin' with colours….

Seeing Terri's site has also given another reminder that i need to get on & do more work with my own words… the image i 'borrowed' reminded of me of this i wrote at new year. 

She heard the faintest whispers between the old moon and the new
she felt the breath of winter graze her naked skin
and sometime in the night the old year became the new...

I promised myself then, to put together a series of works involving my moon photographs & words… to pull them together into something totally different to work I have done to date. I keep visiting the idea in my mind & turning it over. I haven't put pen to paper but the idea has evolved considerably as i think of different aspects. Perhaps it's time. There comes a point when thinking has to give way to doing…. 

And as I was turning this over earlier, Fiona shared this: 

"A lot of good things don't get made because of too much thinking" 
Agnes Martin

I had to smile… quite often, just resolving an idea in my mind is enough… but, all these little signs are pointing in the same direction! It is time… and maybe "the stars will rejoice" as Terri wrote!


terri st. cloud 11 April 2014 at 13:59  

i actually got chills when i read what your poem. oh yes! PLEASE put that to art. it would honor it so.
and thank you so much for mentioning me here. i am sitting here with a big smile on my face!

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