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Brush your teeth!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Some colour is needed, I think.... I seem to have been very neutral of late.
Some lively splashes of cerise, aqua & lime.... such fun... 

Designed with a child's or teenagers room in mind...
how many times have we heard or said these words or something similar?

Brush your teeth
Hang up your coat
Wipe your feet
Clean your room
Do your homework
Turn off the light
And remember
Mum & Dad love you x

The set of 3 is available here, but you can have a version made to suit...
with any colours or with your personal most used admonishments!

overall size 100 x 40 cm ( 40.25 x 15.75 inches)
2 canvasses 30 x 40 cm (11.75 x 15.75 inches)
1 canvas  40 x 40 cm (15.75 x 15.75 inches)

I'm trying to think what I said most to my two.... probably something about stamping up the stairs & washing up would be in there... & turning off the tv if they're not watching it! I'll have to ask them & see what they remember! We'll probably remember totally different things, I know me & my mum often used to talk about the same incidents in very different ways. 
My dad was definitely one for telling us to turn lights off... 
& to get our elbows off the table was high on the list!

The last photo isn't particularly clear, but it gives an idea of how the idea can be adapted.


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