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The Lamplighter ~ Old Book Pages

Saturday, 23 November 2013

There's something about old books... 
I know I've said it before, but I really can't resist them.

I've never handled a book with pages so deeply browned with age as these. Perhaps it is something to do with the type of paper used, which feels really soft. It's a book called 'The Lamplighter", written by  Miss Maria S Cummins & the publishing date was somewhere between 1880 & 1910. I suspect this edition was one of the earlier editions but there is no date printed inside.... it just feels old.

I read it... a gentle tale of love & loss, hurt & forgiveness... an overall lesson in good old-fashioned christian charity, love, forgiveness & benevolence. Of course, in three instances where the story held a bit of excitement, were where pages were missing. I never did find out how a dastardly deed was done or how the misunderstandings between prospective lovers were resolved.... *sigh* never mind...

pages from 'The Lamplighter' 

 One thing I've noticed since starting to pick up these old books, is how language has changed over the last 100 years or so. Maybe not drastically, but I find myself reading more slowly due to more complex sentence construction & slightly archaic phrasing. I have been known to mutter about 'text speak' creeping into everyday usage, but really it's no greater change than the way we use language has relaxed over the years anyway.

 Believe in the power of your dreams

These scans show the true page colour better than the photographs... 
isn't it yummy?

 Everything happens for a reason
(this is actually one of the most popular quotations 
I am asked to write on canvas!)

I played around with printing over them, & thought the chocolate browns of these canvasses worked pretty well. For me, it's more about the textures than the legibility, though the smaller text on the prints is legible if you enlarge the photographs.

 Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

I really like the idea of modern, loose artwork, in combination with old, structured pages of text. Quite a contrast in style, but harmonised by the colour.

Lovers do not finally meet,
they knew each other all along

Which reminds me of being taught about using contrasts in calligraphy: that they could be striking with a bold visual impact, or subtle & harmonious. But either way they should look as if you meant it... the viewer shouldn't be left asking the question, 'Did she mean to do that or is it a mistake?'
Just thought I'd share that while I thought about it!

to love and be loved is the greatest happiness

To begin with, I had thought about adding more layers, but the more I looked at these the more I liked them as they are. It's funny, I love the layered collages that other people create, & really admire them, but I struggle to make myself add more!

I have listed them in suziscribbles shop, here
... need to sort out the wonky heart on the last one tho'!!


Anonymous,  23 November 2013 at 18:15  

Loving all your photographs of late (on likes mobile they wont load on my little thing) all that lush old paper and artwork,very sensual images. The story sounds lovely, funny thing how we just seem to know things without needing to see the written text. And (as you already know) i whole heartedly agree with Everything happens for a reason'. it seems life is being kind to us (as opposed to the manipulations/criminal damage of man) the store decided to take our 4 month old pc and try to fix it, but rather than have us wait (most) possibly what will be months let us have a new replacement. Good eh. I thanked the universe for another little enlightening experience, and for being kind to us. Hope you're well, dear lady. And life us being good to you. Absolutely love the wonky heart too, beautiful just the way it is. Sue

Anonymous,  24 November 2013 at 12:47  

Heartsent Gratitude. Sue

Suzi Smith 24 November 2013 at 19:31  

love hearing from you my friend... always a reassuring voice... i feel ya x sounds like a frustrating time but happy for those little kindnesses eh. Am back from a while of internet black hole so trying to build back up with writing. Heartsent love x

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