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Luxury New Baby Cards

Thursday, 13 June 2013

 It's a little simplistic to call these "cards"... they're more of a concertina style book backed with a gorgeous handmade lokta paper.

This little baby has a Polish mum, so we have a card in English for Mum & Dad, 
& a Polish version for one set of grandparents from the other...

 The silvery glints really sparkle when they catch the light.... I used Schminke aluminium powder dropped into the wet gouache. I spotted it when I was looking for the gold powder in my last post & just had to try!! The aluminium has larger flakes & is slightly brighter, I think, than the silver powder I usually use (also from Schminke).

A strip of sanwaa tissue across the back of the book, with it's gold & silver flecks, 
co-ordinates nicely with the metallic shimmer of the lettering.

All tied together with silver twine!
There's a lovely blend of textures in these little books, making them a delight to hold...
can you see the laid-lines of the bamboo mould that the paper is dried on?

When open, they measure 6" x 16" / 15cm x 40.5cm. I folded these to form the concertina (or accordion) effect, but they could just as easily be rolled to form a scroll!

Thanks "G" from GN Jewellery for her time in translating for me!


GreenWhisper 13 June 2013 at 22:00  

these are really beautiful x

Caterina Giglio 15 June 2013 at 02:50  

stunning work as usual!!

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