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Dreams... Wishes... Angels

Friday, 16 November 2012

I did these three 8x8 inch canvasses at the same time as the 'Forever Young' canvas...

chase those dreams, catch that star,
 always believe in who you truly are

there comes a time to act upon your dreams and
turn those wishes into reality

guide you every day
may they always inspire you in every way

they can be found in my suziscribbles shop on etsy


Forever Young

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's funny, but whenever someone asks for 'Forever Young' by Bob Dylan, 
they always want it on black! Great for a 21st birthday present, but for a new baby? Well... it makes more sense to give something that will grow with them!

Turquoise-y blues & greens stand out wonderfully on the black canvas.... I really liked the shadow cast by the cling film! Scrunched up cling film laid onto wet acrylic randomly daubed across the canvas create amazing patterns. It works with watercolour on paper too... 
and you can manipulate the film & squish it around a bit to help blend the colours. 

Look at the textures! I've even heard of someone 'injecting' colour into the folds 
to add more colour to the veins in the patterns.

Flashes of silver add a little more light & excitement.... hmmm, on this photo the blue looks a bit patchy, but it was more blended in real life!


What a difference a frame makes...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I went to collect a framed piece of work for a customer recently, only to discover it wasn't what I had asked for. It looked ok, but was not something I would choose.... it might fit a certain style of decor, but it was just too heavy for the piece.  Besides which, I wanted to cover the mount & the proportions were just wrong for me.

I know the paper looks a different shade, but this is the same piece in the frame I wanted.... much more suitable for a modern home with a natural look. Picture framers tend to leave a similar amount of space all around, but when the text forms a long, narrow block, I want to preserve that shape. To do so, there needs to be more space left at the sides, with the top & bottom much closer to the mount than expected.... in this way the mounted piece is still long & narrow. The top pic is veering much more towards square.

The colour of the mount (or matt in the US) makes such a difference too & can limit the frame choice. I often use walnut ink and for many people the natural choice is to go for a sepia or dark brown mount... but that doesn't necessarily suit many frames. I much prefer to cover it with the same paper that I have written on.

People often don't know what I mean when I say that a covered mount would be an idea & find it hard to visualise. As well as complimenting the calligraphy, it suits a wider range of frames.



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