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One Card Leads to Another...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

And so, having done a selection of blue 'friends' cards, a request came for pinky/purples. It's always just as easy to do several as to do one...  a session of writing 'pink stuff' & painting splashy backgrounds to use for decoration resulted in a mountain of pages of words & quotes. 

All are duly scanned & saved for future use in other projects, & finally a batch of cards assembled & photographed. It takes ages sticking those 'diamonds' in place & making sure they look randomly scattered!!

splashy background = technical term for splashing paint around

I often use watercolour for these, but the inktense blocks i got a while back are really vibrant colours & run together nicely with a good sloshing of water (sloshing= another technical term). For this sort of thing, there's no point being too precious over it... they're only going to be cut up or used as backgrounds for other things.

cards listed at

I love how... when they're cut up or little bits are taken out... how they look so delicate, or how individual little pieces look like miniature works of art in their own right, no matter how messy the full sheet was!


Rose 26 August 2012 at 08:23  

Thanks so much for showing the process here - I had no idea how good they would look cut up!

ersi marina 26 August 2012 at 13:10  

It's an elegant and delightful series, fun and endearing. Having taken up the time needed to cut the background into tiny pieces just shows how much love you put into your work. Lovely!

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