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A Symbol... A Question...

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What do you think of when you see this symbol?

It's something that emerged as I played one day, together with two words.

well, the words came first but this followed on quite naturally.

It's nothing mysterious & there are no prizes, 

but I would be curious to know if it suggests anything to you.

Here are some snippets of bits i was doing that may add to the sense of it

(or not!) 

I'll share my thoughts in a few days or so :-)


ersi marina 30 August 2012 at 18:48  

It's a symbol of self to me. It's the first thing that came to mind though I cannot explain why.

GreenWhisper 31 August 2012 at 01:55  

makes me think of the abyss..not in a frightening way..although it is dark..a time to step into the unknown. kinda reminds me of a diving board:)

hope you're well my lovely xx

Rose 31 August 2012 at 09:23  

It kind of reminds me of the Euro symbol but it is different... The bottom line curves down at both ends towards the earth. It feels more about giving back. Unequal exchange where the Earth is the one who receives more than she gives for a change.

Suzi Smith 31 August 2012 at 10:52  

interesting.... will explain soon ;-)
ha, never clicked it is a bit like the euro...

Suzanne ~ Lunar Mystic 14 September 2012 at 03:05  

It has a very Japanese feel to it. It reminded me of the music symbol for common time (4/4) and with a slash through it is half of that.

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