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Because I love....

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I recently discovered the 'Poetsy' team on etsy... so now i take an occasional diversion creating a treasury based on a favourite poem. (not that i need any more diversions, but it's fun!). This one is based on the Kathleen Raine poem, Amo Ergo Sum. I hope you can see the connection between the  words & work shown... you can see the treasury in full <here>

Because I love
      The sun pours out its rays of living gold
      Pours out its gold and silver on the sea.

Because I love
      The earth upon her astral spindle winds
      Her ecstasy-producing dance.

Because I love
      Clouds travel on the winds through wide skies,
      Skies wide and beautiful, blue and deep.

Because I love
      Wind blows white sails,
      The wind blows over flowers, the sweet wind blows.

Because I love
      The ferns grow green, and green the grass, and green
      The transparent sunlit trees.

Because I love
      Larks rise up from the grass
      And all the leaves are full of singing birds.

Because I love
      The summer air quivers with a thousand wings,
      Myriads of jewelled eyes burn in the light.

Because I love
      The iridescnt shells upon the sand
      Takes forms as fine and intricate as thought.

Because I love
      There is an invisible way across the sky,
      Birds travel by that way, the sun and moon
      And all the stars travel that path by night.

Because I love
      There is a river flowing all night long.

Because I love
      All night the river flows into my sleep,
      Ten thousand living things are sleeping in my arms,
      And sleeping wake, and flowing are at rest.


Caterina Giglio 9 July 2012 at 15:28  

not that any of us need any more diversions... lol, but it is not just fun, but beautiful...

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