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Voici mon secret...

Friday, 4 May 2012

today i received an email from someone i hold dear which included these words...
"....speaking to me (but not in words as such) about seeing without eyes..."

so i shall share these now instead of waiting until i have time, lol

i was experimenting last week.... writing on the pages of an old english-french dictionary... this is the first one i wrote.... synchronicity, eh?!

Just quick scans... i'm planning on mounting them on a natural paper, ready for framing, before adding to the shop. I'd like to frame them, as i have a specific idea of how thy could look, but posting abroad with glass in a frame is awkward & expensive, and that is where most of my sales come from.

We'll see... if the picture framer i just found hadn't made assumptions I would have gone ahead & got them done anyway... i asked about getting mounts cut, that i could then cover with paper to match some calligraphy and never got as far as talking about frames... he started getting uppity about not being "that sort of framer".... i didn't get what he meant, cos i wanted several frames aswell...  it never dawned on me that he wouldn't cut mounts to fit standard sized frames and he assumed that's what i wanted ( i hadn't got as far as asking, but i do get standard sizes for my photographs!)

Anyway after telling me he couldn't say when, cos if he had larger orders they would take priority, and there was no way they would be ready for this week he then thought it would be better if i took my business elsewhere! Ah, well... some mis-communication i think, but this 2nd page i did is sort of appropriate!! I felt like a child trying to explain what i needed & not getting anywhere...

ingredients: old dictionary pages & walnut ink

Now... back to packing the last few bits n pieces i need for tomorrow & putting aside the thoughts of... "ooh, i should've.... i could just do a few..."


Rose 5 May 2012 at 09:42  

Such a shame the framer could not get beyond his own pre-conceptions! looking lovely Ms Suzi!

Barry 6 May 2012 at 09:29  

S-the old pages, the quiet weds and the sepia ink speak of sacred or quiet past times - gentle works S. Good to see you more lately. Go well. B

Suzi Smith 11 May 2012 at 11:33  

thank you...
yes B, i'm getting back into the habit & realising how much i have missed!

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