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Altered Spiral-Bound Wedding Journal

Thursday, 10 May 2012

 Quite an ordinary looking spiral bound notebook... but it is being used to record special memories of how a couple met, the tale of their romance & the preparations for their wedding. I was asked to make a "special cover" for it.

The first step is to prise open the spiral spine & lose the plastic covers. If you haven't attempted this before, note how the covers fit for when you put them back.... i have been known to put the back one at the front & vice-versa!

The bride-to be wanted this lovely natural Khadi paper...  cotton rag with banana. The corners are a japanese paper with bits of leather in. It's so long since I bought it, I can't remember the name, which is frustrating... I'd love some more, but the company I bought from ceased trading years ago & several attempts to track it down have drawn a blank (so if any one knows, do get in touch & tell me!)

 I love the natural deckle edges of hand made paper. The next step was to punch holes to fit the spiral... using the original cover as a template, I decided it was easier to use a drill.

Walnut ink is the perfect compliment for the dedication page, and the book is gradually transforming into something more luxurious. On a side note, I've just spotted someone with an etsy shop who makes walnut ink... White Dragon Papers makes paper and walnut ink... just my type of shop, lol.

Remember the silks & fibres I posted about last week from Lisa at Mudhound Studio? This is what they were for.... mixed in with ribbon & leather cord to create a blend of textures.

The lettering on the front is not mine.... it's a photograph of a tattoo that the bride has on her hip... i printed it on to canvas & layered it onto the front... [I had better point out to anyone who knows me, that "my beloved steve" is not my steve, before anyone gets excited or wonders where their invitation is!]

The covers i made were thicker than the originals, & combined with photographs stuck inside the book was splaying open a bit... a couple of holes with copper eyelets through the back cover, and a length of silk with a bit of elastic joined on to form an enclosure soon sorted that out!

So... now i've got a bundle of silks that i'm itching to use on a book for myself now, so i'm on the look out for a spiral bound one with good paper in.... 


GreenWhisper 11 May 2012 at 03:46  

i love this.. all of it.. but especially the ribbons :)

and being used to record special memories of how a couple met. beautiful. funnily enough i've recently been musing down memory lane to the time when my partner and me met.. lovely memories.

i've just started using a spiral bound book to doodle in.. nice paper.. picked it up in boots a few year ago so don't know if they still have them in.. but they usually have some good quality ones to choose from.. priceier that some places but a nice treat.

i've started a dream journal in a plain old note book.. cos if i waited to find the right one i'd never get it started lol. something like this would be lovely for such things. are you gonna be doing some for your shop?

Rose 11 May 2012 at 08:29  

Love what you have done with this book! So simple but so efective...

Suzi Smith 11 May 2012 at 11:32  

I may well do some for the shop... thanks for the nudge, lol, it's on 'my list'!

Lisa 11 May 2012 at 13:47  

this is stunning Suzi.. so many facets of interest and design. i love all the textures you've incorporated in your beautiful palette! (i buy walnut ink on etsy in a powder so I can mix it as dark as i like as i often make it pretty thick for aging paper and fabrics.) many thanks for the mention... the ribbon are the perfect complement to your handwork! Let us know what the bride thinks!

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