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Paper Passion

Friday, 27 April 2012

I'm not sure when I first loved paper.... i think i've always liked nice notebooks & journals... but as a calligrapher, 'good' paper took on a whole new meaning. To begin with, probably like most people i thought the marbled effect paper from most stationers was pretty posh... but very soon the 'feel' of the paper becomes part of the experience. Smooth 'calligraphy papers' just don't do it for me, and I don't know many calligraphers that go beyond a few night classes who stick to them.

I took over selling paper when someone else at a class stopped & up to that point hadn't experienced any more than Ingres ( for pastels) or Saunders Waterford (for watercolours). Eventually i had so much paper that i ended up opening a shop, but that is another story! At some point i discovered Khadi and I distinctly remember the first order i got from them ( Not having a clue what any of their paper apart from basic cotton rag was actually like, i ordered a few sheets of everything. (I had just discovered credit cards, so I could!) 

After the stomach churning moment of realising how much it cost, the experience of opening the parcel a few days later was the most exciting, sensual, pleasurable experience I think I've ever had. Honestly. It was a first. But that excitement & pleasure of receiving new unknown paper has never gone away. Even now, going through a pile of paper or a box of paper scraps can send me into a rapturous daze.... dreamily stroking and muttering 'precious...' under my breath

The shop went about 7 years ago & i was able to keep some things in a friends studio... eventually she needed her space back & i brought everything with me in the caravan. Oops. How much 'stuff'? I managed to dispose of so much... trash, charity shops, friends & strangers all benefitted, but i still hung onto the paper.... precious.... 

I cut it down and keep it under the bed, lifting it all out every time i want some to get my fix. Some of the stuff i have has been discontinued years ago. I'd often buy up the last stocks of papers i knew that I or my students, or other calligraphers would love. Actually i wasn't that bothered about other people, they were my excuse, it was for me really!!

I have realised that i can't keep it there for ever... it is a sacrilege for it not to be used, kept like some zoo animal to be drooled over occasionally (i promise i haven't actually drooled, just salivated a little... ok, a lot) I suppose to many, this may seem like behaviour fit only for an institution, and that the men in white coats should be notified. 

I finally started listing some paper packs on etsy, in my suziscribbles shop > You would not believe how many times I changed my mind about this... i took the photos & procrastinated... i put a couple of packs on & waited.... i put a few more on and sold a couple.... and didn't know whether to be pleased or not. How posessive am I? I never get jealous of people. I reasoned with myself that i can always buy more, when i have space... & sold a couple more. I started to let them go with a bit more grace & listed a few more.

I'm looking at these pictures now and thinking "OMG.. I can't get any more of some of that stuff!!" But tough!!! I haven't used it all up in 10 years so someone else can have the chance!

I'm also starting to think that if i sell most of my current stocks, i could maybe buy a bit more to sell. I mean, the paper i need to use most often has already run out & I really NEED to get some. There's none available locally, i've scoured the shops & internet.... what i have found means paying extortionate prices....  it would make sense to get a wholesale batch... wouldn't it?!

There is a link to my suziscribbles etsy shop in this blog side bar, and there is a section for 'paper' on the right in the shop.... but the easy way is to click just <here>  That will take you straight to the precious paper page!


GreenWhisper 28 April 2012 at 20:40  

beautiful images..just looking makes you want to touch. i use a fair bit of this kind of paper when i make cards.. i know where to look first now when i need some more.

will add a link to the shop to GW's sidebar. hope all is well with you x

GreenWhisper 28 April 2012 at 20:45  

hehe just went to add the's already on there lol. i'm 45 tomorrow..think i've got some well over middle aged brain fog going on!

Laura 29 April 2012 at 01:20  

oh suzi I can totally relate...I'm the same with paper, yarn and beads. I can't really use these things any more, so my daughter has become quite the artist, enjoying my goodies.

Suzi Smith 29 April 2012 at 08:57  

they're just yummy aren't they!
happy Birthday sue xoxoxox
Laura, even when i'm not using them it's a pleasure just to touch ((hugs))

Julie S. 2 May 2012 at 16:45  

Beautiful, beautiful paper. I've wanted to dabble in paper making but haven't done it yet.

Rose 5 May 2012 at 09:47  

So very beautiful! I love paper too... and most materials to be honest....

sam brightwell 6 May 2012 at 14:28  

You know I share your paper passion. I love the pictures in this post. Thank you.

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