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Meet me at the water's edge...

Friday, 30 December 2011

This canvas was done around the same time as 'hear the ocean' I've just been looking through my list of posts to edit and realised I never finished off writing about this canvas!

Meet me at the water's edge
and dance to an ancient rhythm
feel the beat of forgotten song
re-discover what time has hidden

ocean dancing, ocean dreaming
with the gentle tidal rhythm
feel the healing waters flow
a soothing song to help us grow
call on water's energy
the power to nourish, nurture & heal
endless potency
ride the tides of ancient truths
meet me at the water's edge
ocean dances, ocean dreams
meet me at the waters edge
and dance to an ancient song
heed the urge to come ocean dancing
will you be carried on an ocean dream
wherever it may lead?

The 'ocean' background came first... then words at the top. I started the central spiral with the words 'ocean dancing, ocean dreaming', then just let it unfold... making up the words & the layout as I went along. The blue is FW acrylic ink, with white acrylic paint for the base coat & lettering.

It was written after reading of a call to bloggers to 'meet at the waters edge' at New Moon, and offer healing to the waters of the world after the earthquake in Japan... however, as I wrote it became a message to re-connect, our-selves, to the energies of water.

I started this one below at the same time... but it resisted my efforts to write on it! The first time I made mistakes in the lettering, then on the next attempt 'threw' the bottle of ink all over myself... and the carpet... so i abandoned the quotes i was using & started again with my own words!

ocean dancing
ocean dreaming
she holds me in her arms
and rocks me
in her surging tidal rhythm
ocean dancing
ocean dreaming


A Christmas Love Story...

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Years ago a young man asked me to make a concertina card for his love at christmas... red & black & gold, with a mediaeval feel....

...he returned the following year, and the year after and the one after that.... this was when I had a shop, selling my own work & that of others....

... each year he writes his own words, telling of the love story between him & his lady.... expressing his feelings in such romantic terms.... shop went six years ago, but every year I still get a text or email with the next instalment for me to inscribe in an accordion book for Christmas ...

... the Proposal... the Boxing Day wedding... the anniversaries... yes Christmas time is a very special time for this Knight & his Lady...

... and I think I would be as disappointed as she, if he didn't get in touch & share a glimpse of their Christmas love story.



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