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Chocolate Canvasses!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sorry folks... they're not real chocolate, just in case you were thinking you could break a piece off whenever you fancy... But they are gorgeous, rich, chocolate-y colours! I've had a few goes at photographing them, but have not managed to to capture the depth of colour yet... I will keep trying!!

friends are the family we choose for ourselves

8 x 8 inches
20 x 20 cm

lovers do not finally meet... they knew each other all along

12 x 12 inches
30 x30 cm

I've used a combination of dark chocolate, milk chocolate & praline colours throughout... the 'drizzles of chocolate' are raised, reminiscent of the textures you see in the luxury chocolate shops.

believe in the power of your dreams

16 x 12 inches
40.5 x 30 cm

the magical meeting of two souls

9 x 12 inches
22.5 x 30 cm

I'm going to try a few chocolatiers... i think this series would complement their stock for any who are looking to extend their range of gift ideas. I used to have my own shop, and canvasses along these lines sold well...

everything happens for a reason

12 x 16 inches
30 x 40.5 cm

I know they will sell in a retail setting, and working on a batch of the same colour at a time means I can offer a wholesale price for the lot... I just need to convince a few retailers to buy rather than want sale or return! I've got one lined up to see next week, so fingers crossed...

to love and be loved
is the greatest happiness

9 x 12 inches
22.5.5 x 30 cm

These are all sold, but I can paint something similar for you if you wish
 Just email suziscribbles @

20 x 8 inches
51 x 20 cm

I've used gloss paint for the background of these two which has a gorgeous wet-look. The drizzles contrast nicely. I need to have another go at the photographs in better light though!

15.75 x 15.75 inches
40 x 40 cm


La Dolce Vita 10 June 2010 at 22:37  

bella!!! bella!! the color is yummy!!

Suzi Smith 11 June 2010 at 08:58  

i'm just trying to imagine what 'yummy' sounds like with an italian accent, lol ! x

Sam Brightwell 14 June 2010 at 00:05  

these are gorgeous, Suzi, and the first two in particular, are two of my favourite quotes. thanks.

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