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And the winner is....

Monday, 22 March 2010

.... Jasmine .... congratulations! 
Here's a bouquet of flowers for everyone who took part... you are a small but select bunch of participants, thank you xx
If you would all like to send me your addresses, I'd like to send a token of my appreciation to you all.


Suzi Smith 26 March 2010 at 19:38  

Greenwhisper says congratulations Jasmine!!!
I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing... Sorry 'bout that hunny

Nydia 30 March 2010 at 18:20  

Your art is awesome! Tank you fo ryou lovely words about my goddesses... And yes,m you'1re so right about getting myself ready before sleeping after reading my witchy boook! You see how air-minded I can be, what a witch I am... Of course I have to get the strangest dreams and should take care of it to have a good night's sleep! Thank you for calling my attention to it!

Kisses from Nydia.

Tammie Lee 1 April 2010 at 23:27  

congratulations to Jasmine!!

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